Take Heart

Here is the moulding that I am working on. It is such a slow process to remove a hundred years of paint without sanding. I mean s. l. o.w. If you want to buy me a gift, I use Citristrip by the bucket. I'm high maintenance. I know. 
I am also sketching away and making new things. I am currently working on a fifty inch canvas for a consulting firm. The painting is of a fashion diva. 

For the six years we have been working on our house, we have put our bedroom for the last thing. We have been consistently working on every other room so that the house is a haven for guests. This year, with my Christmas money, I wanted to start making our bedroom into a sanctuary. Well, I did buy a new comforter. Y'all. Come over here. You will want one straight away. It's gorgeous in a lovely spa blue. It's fuzzy like a blanket on one side and like a quilt on the other. Come take a nap. 

As things go sometimes, our car died the other day. It needed some new hoses and other things. Our brakes are leaking. This will make $1,300 we have spent on brakes in the last six months. We needed other things, but they will have to wait or we are going to have to google them and do it ourselves. Needless to say, Firestone is getting my Christmas money and I will be waiting on my bedroom. I cried a little bit. We spend so much time on the road that it would be nice to have a place of retreat to come into...instead of seeing the Lowe's house wrap on the wall. I'm thankful to be able to pay for it. It could be much worse. Some day I will have drywall, fixed windows, and curtains. 

In other news, I took a dive down our stairs the other day and hurt my knee. Oh man, y'all. As we arrived in our hotel room last weekend, our heater started smoking and burned up at the wall. This whole thing seems like a comedy of errors. I realize that God is using us and moving deeply in our hearts and that is why discouragement comes. I am thankful for the sweet encouragement of Jesus. I opened my Instagram this morning and saw this new shirt that just came out. I thought I simply must have that. Get yourself one.

Take Heart. He sees us.
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