Discipleship by J Heinrich Arnold

I do believe I was being primed to read this book over the last month or so. It's one of those things where you can feel the Holy Spirit putting things in place to knock you straight on your rear. Right off the bat, it boldly confronts sin in a way that books and preachers don't do any more. I was deeply convicted and encouraged to submit my heart to the work of Jesus.

The book is a collection of short paragraphs and excerpts from letters and other writings the collection of J. Heinrich Arnold. How a man can pack such a punch in seven lines is a mystery to me. Of course, there were things I wasn't totally sure I agreed with. That is pretty much every book I read though. 

I loved so many thoughts that he had and how he reminded my heart that Scripture isn't the WORD, it has only bore witness to it. We must look to the living Word for our salvation.
In Christ Alone.

This book was graciously provide by Plough Publishing for review.


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