Hey, love y'all.

This post needs no pictures, y'all. On our way home from church Sunday, our two-year-old starts vomitting. It was coming out of her nose. Then, the other end. Everyone has felt bad and I have one still in bed a little shaky and complaining that her tummy hurts. I mean, who needs photos of this stuff. I have been trying to get ready for our fundraiser next week, but well, its a slow go. Last night, Chacha falls and hurts her face. What's a mama to do? Sit down and hold a Hello Kitty ice pack on her baby until the swelling goes down. Same with today. I just love the tiny people and rest when I can. Someday I am going to get some awesome stuff done. It just won't be today. That's okay by me.

Let me tell you some fun things. On Friday, I spoke at MOPS in Brownwood and took a bunch of art with me. That same day, in Burnet, Hill Country Church took a bunch of my art to their ladies retreat. Both were huge sellers. Around $1,200. I was also commissioned to do a piece for a new OB/GYN clinic in New Braunfels. It amazes me as I pray over pictures how far they  have gone out and how many thousands of people have come to see them. God has allowed me to put scripture in a hospital, a midwife practice, and OB/Gyn practice and countless other places where people need to be reminded of a God who loves them. It never cease to amaze me. Thanks, God.

A guy at our church has a new outside a/c unit he purchased and is unable to use. He said we could have it if it will work for us. We might have bought air again! Pray for that, y'all. We have had some good donations coming in the last few weeks and are anticipating a good turnout for our Southern Fish Fry. Please come if you are around. Let me know if you would like to come.

Last week, my Lulu wanted to go take a picture to a neighbor we had not seen in a few weeks. So, we walked over and delivered the drawing. When we arrive, I found out that her husband had been in the hospital to have part of his stomach and bladder removed because they had found cancer. I told Lulu I thought that the Holy Spirit had prompted her to make that picture so we could go love on our friends. That same day some friends from another state wanted to buy some tickets for anyone who might need them. I'll be delivering some fish to our neighbors next Saturday from a couple of people who want to share the love of Christ in Texas all the way from Virginia! 

Please keep praying for me too as I heal. Love y'all.
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