It's that time of year when I cry. Sometimes accepting love can be painful because you expect the bottom to drop out of things or you have not been conditioned to receive it. When people show up at our house and give so much of their time and their resources to help us, it gets me. It really gets me. I might be tearing up now. It is completely overwhelming to me. It's a powerful redemption story that plays out in all of our lives. Jesus is beautiful. 

We have had some miraculous things happen here. Of course, you can remember earlier in the year when we "somehow" had the thirty thousand dollars we needed for our house. I still cannot even wrap my mind around that. The beauty in the history of this house is truly something special. We have not had some grand benefactor swoop in to help us pay for the repairs. Gomer's story is one of literally hundreds of people showing up with small amounts of money, time, and other resources to bring restoration. 

I think it's great when things happen and HGTV shows up to make your home dreams come true. That has not been our journey however. I realized that, you, dear friends, are our HGTV. You show up in my yard to eat fish, buy art, and listen to my husband do some picking and grinning. You show up here to paint, build, sweep, and pray. You are the most important part of our journey. Thank you.

Come share in the beauty of what God is doing here this Saturday. 11-4
There will be fish frying, the sounds of the South in the air, sweet tea on the table, and grace abounding. Thank you for helping us to get heat and a/c for our home. 

Come sit a spell.


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