My Day

So, you want to know about my day. I let my girls eat outside and I see this remnant of a meal. It looked like a half smirk/half "meh" face. I said, " I feel you buddy." You have to find the humor in things, y'all. Otherwise when you find your daughter jumping off the baby grand or throwing a full cup of water across the inside of your car, you might lose it. You might lose it anyway, but I'm  sure you'll bounce back more quickly. Perhaps it leads the heart to grace more quickly by disarming pride. 
As you can see, I'm really into looking awesome on film. My girls are always bringing me things to put on during the day. Usually they want me to keep them on. They cry when I take them off. 
Then, they want to put on every single accessory in the house and have my undivided attention all day long. Somehow, when I say that mommy needs some space, they can't seem to grasp it. 
This is apparently my daughter's impression of a French model. Please hear the "ooh la la."
Well, this just made me laugh. Laughing is good. 
So, I sketched up a painting and then moved on to sketching a sign for our house. I painted the background of the canvas for the painting and well, my toddler drew on it. I'll do it again tomorrow. We just keep moving forward. I also stained a door. 
I've had a way small trash can for far too long. It's  gross and someone accidentally threw the lid away. I thought it was high time we had a decent trash can. This one even had a video. We are so fancy. 
Since I had already qualified for free shipping on Amazon, I thought I should buy something kitcheny for myself. I bought My Life in France. Of course I needed some Julia Child here. Hand me the butter!
After a crazy day, I took my girls to Hobby Lobby. That may not have been well thought out. One was laying in the isle. One wanted to touch every. glass. object. I was swinging myself back and forth between the girls so much to keep an eye on them that when I went to get out my debit card, I flung it at the cashier! Y'all, she was not amused. I tried to make a joke. Not. Amused. At all. 

Then I took my girls to Half Priced Books and let them each get a book. As we walked past this little guy, one of my girls asked who this weird poofy man was. I just said, "Sugar, I think he is supposed to be the likeness of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ." He kind of looks a bit like an Albert Einstein doll. Hair dye and a wardrobe change, but it's Al alright. 

After that we'd bought lemonade. Someone spilled theirs and there was weeping. Then some of our favorite people came over. The girls have been bathed and put to bed. Bless the Lord. Fist bump.


2on17 said…
Bath and's a good day! Thanks for sharing your words...sounds much like my days except with 3 older boys (whom I expect to KNOW better ;)).

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