A Mini Update

Well, summer on the road is coming to close. Denbigh is currently doing opening chapel at Lutheran South Academy in Houston. It has been an eventful summer. I have been ill from some serious mold exposure (not at home) and fighting an infection. Being alone with heart attack symptoms (from mold)and caring for three girls was more than I bargained for. I spent my eleven year anniversary at Urgent Care while my husband was leading worship several hours away. I wasn't able to see him. This infection has been hard stuff. Please say a little prayer for me that my body will be completely restored. 

I did manage to finish the floor in the guest room. It's stunning. I know I did it. I'm not bragging. It's the wood. It is gorgeous. Let me tidy the joint up and I'll post a picture.

Did y'all see that I now have my art in The Dancing Bear in Gruene? I met with the owner and did some wholesale transacting. Y'all, I'm practically famous. Really, it is so encouraging that Sweet Beth would believe in my work enough to put it in her store. Of course, the Lord is always up to more than art with me (and all of us). My new friend recently lost her son and I am thankful that Jesus saw fit to bring us together. Go to the Dancing Bear and buy some of my art. All proceeds benefit Gomer.

I need y'all to Save the Date for our Southern picnic fundraiser. It is going to be on October 11th. We will be having live music all day, frying up fish, and pedaling art. Please do come. I cannot tell you how much we need your help to be able to finish this project and keep pressing on in the name of Jesus. 

love y'all.


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