What Would Charlotte Mason Do?

Have you seen those blogs about people trying things they see on Pinterest and it turns out to be a big fat mess? A Pinterest fail. I thought there should be one about homeschool ideas. 

I am often moved and motivated by Charlotte Mason. She was brilliant at teaching the individual and is greatly revered in the homeschool world. Her works on nature study are beautiful. I often find myself wondering what Charlotte Mason would do with my girls. She'd make peanut butter pinecones to attract birds and have them weave baskets from grasses they collected themselves. 

I wax emotional about perfect homeschool stories and I let my girls bring in pinecones from outside. Of course they step in fire ants and break down weeping. Then the pine cones, once inside get broken into a million pieces that we get lodged in our feet. You have to laugh. We live real life. 

What would Charlotte Mason do?


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