Happy Valentine's to My Man

It's Valentine's Day and I am super excited. I think it's a Southern thing because we just love people a bit more than normal..and we love the idea of loving people. Every one always wants to tell you how hard marriage is and I would have to agree, but it is also a beautiful gift. Jesus has trusted us with someone to love. We think we are signing up for some grand need meeting romantic adventure. The truth is that if you are submitting your covenant to Christ daily, you signed up for gut wrenching emotional death through sanctification so that you might give true life to your spouse ( and yourself). That, my dear friends, is work. To stop complaining and jump in the spiritual fox hole to pray is our calling. If you want to evoke beauty, my advice is to simmer down and pray whole heartedly for God's idea of betterment for your spouse. Pray blessings. Speak blessings.

This year, I prayed through Praying For Your Husband From Head To Toe as part of my Valentine's gift to him. Loved it, y'all. I may have also purchased some Mr & Mrs mugs so we could sip coffee and talk about the weather.

Bless your man by the bucket. Amen.


Unknown said…
First all we congrats you for this wonderful pic with your husband and you!!!!!!

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