Gomer's Junk Yard.

Hello, friends of Gomer,

I missed blogging and renovating last week because I was with my momma. My sweet brother Mike went to be with Jesus six years ago and I make sure to always be there when his birthday rolls around. Denbigh was at the office so the Cherry girls and I packed up the family truckster and drove on up. We spent the day at the zoo, watching movies, and eating ice cream. Grand baby love is sweet healing to the soul.

I'm waiting on my man to finish some things in the bathroom so I came home and continued working on the floor in the guest room. I'm halfway done with filling the cracks as of this writing. It's tedious stuff. I can't wait for phase three. Pray me on through phases one and two. Filling and sanding. Then we get to the glorious stain. Yippee. 

My man sold our old Honda (the hog Honda) to a junk yard. We can use that money to fix our van and then sell it (and the other 3 cars we need to sell). Do any of you need an old car? Back on topic. Our yard looks a little better now. With our car collection, it was getting quite interesting out there. Now we are down to four. 

I've been on a massive decluttering mission. If you need some stuff, come get it. I've also been painting and making lots of crosses. My days are usually filled to the brim with child loving. Today, our sweet baby saw her daddy and Lulu giving each other a fist bump. She started squawking until they gave her one. This day, I have given approximately 413 fist bumps to tiny Chayah. These are the days of Gomer. Mom by day. Restoration specialist by night. 

Give to Gomer's House.

 Here's a fist bump for you. Love y'all. 


maggie may said…
i really enjoy the "if you need some stuff, come get it." so vague. so cute.
miss y'all!

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