Saving Gomer

I have been praying for some time for God to pay off our house and redeem Gomer. Of course, the roller coaster of finance is never fun. As I look at it, I had to think that this might be the first leg of God answering my prayer...the first domino to fall. The fact that my man and I are going to be able to write a check for $25,000 is quite bewildering. To me, it seems somewhat miraculous. In September, our budget was nearing the bottom of the barrel. Look at us a few months later. We are going to write a check for 1/6th of what we owe on the house. Bless the Lord. I kept wanting to try to make the numbers come together, but God assured me that He was working. I took my friend a pie and was politely handed $2,000. A friend told us God had put us on his heart and gave another $2,000. Anonymous donations came in through our church. One of my friends gave up half of her 10 year anniversary vacation money. People we giving $10, $100, $250. I always notice that we will get the same amount of money from people who don't know each other at the exact same time. I think that is just God's way of helping us remember that even what we give to Him came from His own hand. So, we have our money for the loan. Let's all have a good Holy Spirit cry. Thank you, Jesus, for your tender generosity toward us. Now on to replenish our food and restoration budget for the year. Thank you for being good, kind-hearted, encouraging people. We relish your friendship and partnership in the gospel. Hosea 3:2

In other news: Art is selling strong. Also, I kept feeling like Jesus was going to keep working on our car situation. We received a call from a church in New Braunfels asking if we would like a truck because someone wanted to donate one. All we have to pay is the taxes. This is the fourth car we have been given in the last few years. Perhaps we can sell them all and get a Honda Pilot. I have been wanting a car big enough to accommodate our family and our guests that stay here. It would also keep us from taking two cars on the road all summer. With the band, we make 8. 

Thank you for praying for us and being obedient to the point of sacrifice.
love y'all.
Give to Gomer's House.


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