Buying Back Gomer

Hello, friends of Gomer. It seems that we have house insurance again. Being in a renovation is always more complicated and more expensive. It's done though. The man that Denbigh talked to prayed for him on the phone. As soon as we are done with most of the work, we can drop the crazy high rate we must pay because we are in renovation. We have some deep love for all of y'all who come stay here. I hope you know it. I hope you look at us and see the love of God for you.

My man has been ripping down the ceiling in my studio. It's a fantastic space if you haven't seen it. It was a 30 plus foot sleeping porch that had been enclosed. There are windows wall to wall. There had been a bit of water damage on the ceiling and we had to take it down. That excess wood is what I am taking to make the signs that I am selling. The studio is on the second floor. When the ceiling is gone, it opens to the edges of the third floor. Some of the windows were broken up there and birds had moved in. Of course there were tiny mice and whatever else. This is a filthy, rusty nail kind of a job. Once all the old ceiling is down, we can put plywood and bead board up to separate the the second and third floor spaces. Currently, I have taken over our bedroom with the thirty or so paintings I do a week. There is canvas everywhere. It will be a while before I get my studio back, but I will be o so happy when I do. 

We haven't heard from the title company yet, but we are supposed to close on our refinance on Friday.    We are so thankful and grateful for God's provision. Thank you all as well. This really was a scene out of It's A Wonderful Life. 

Not only do we get to keep loving people through our house, we are blessed to take Gomer to the streets as well. The other day, as I was making my frequent trip to Hobby Lobby, Denbigh and Lulu noticed a man on the corner. As I went in to buy paint, they went and bought him some chicken. We were able to bless a minister with some new Nikes (beautiful are the feet that carry the good news). Lunches have been bought. Treats have been given. Guests have been loved. Thank you for helping us on this adventure.

Hosea buys Gomer back in Hosea 3:2 (Even though she is already his wife, he buys her out of bondage.). Thank you for helping us do the same.


maggie may said…
what a mighty God we serve!
Anonymous said…
Thats beautiful.

Good things come to those who do good things

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