Jesus, Take the Wheel. No, Really.

What a crazy last few months. Don't think we are settling into normal either. I think the wild ride is just beginning. As you know, our financer had the option of getting a balloon payment at the five year mark. He chose that and we had been working with a mortgage broker for months to get it in the works. Then, that fell through at the last minute due to something unforeseen to us. Our note matures Tomorrow. As of this past Monday, we were still scrambling to figure out what to do. We have possibly found a lender. We are going through all of the paperwork for this to happen. Next, it's appraisals and so forth. Please say a little prayer that it all works out. All of our proceeds from art and pie in December will be going towards the payoff. If you want to get involved in the redemption of Gomer, this is your big chance. Visit my Etsy store. Contact Denbigh to order a pie.

On Saturday night, our family was out to eat and Chayah started choking. I performed the Heimlich on her and pulled out everything I could from her throat. When I saw blood, my nerves were shot. Mini strokes. Car wrecks. Car breakdowns. Miscarriage. Cancellation of policy. You may lose your house on a technicality...

What would we ever do without Jesus?

As I have been staring in the face of all of these things, that is the one phrase that kept entering my mind. My neighbor said it again this morning as we were on our four mile jaunt around Fentress. What would we do? What if all I had to lean on in times of great stress was a false hope? What if I could only look to the stars and not the One who made them? That's what we are doing here. That is why Gomer is so important to us. We don't want anyone going this thing alone. Life is too hard to go alone. We want to be the house that holds up the light for people to see. Come rest your weary bones in the love of Jesus. May God redeem what He has called us to oversee. We are but caretakers in the house of a mighty God. He owns the cattle on a thousand hills... and in the words of my dear friend, Robert Barge, "all we're asking for is a bar-b-cue."

Hosea 3:2

In Other News

**Fourth Annual Caroling w/Gomer- December 19th**

The pastor of Oakwood Baptist Church is coming out 12/5 to see about getting work crews out here.

I'll be at First EV Free this Friday (12/6) with an art booth at their Women's Mission Dinner.

love y'all.

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