Are You Stephanie Cherry?

Well, y'all, my house is a wreck, but I've been creating art left and right. I was invited to attend a women's mission dinner at First EV Free on Friday and sell some of my paintings. It was fun. I sold several bigger pieces. People kept asking me if I was "Stephanie Cherry." Every lady who walked by laughed out loud at the laundry signs. Most importantly, I had a couple of divine appointments. As with our house, art isn't the goal, it's a vehicle. It's a way to connect with the hurting people around us. I was grateful to be right where I was on Friday night because I was allowed to stand with the broken hearted and share the love of Christ. Besides that, the food was amazing. The cupcakes had edible pearls on them. What southern girl doesn't love a cupcake with a pearl on top?

Our house loan seems to be going along okay. We are waiting for an appraisal. I guess I should clean up for that. Just a few more paintings...We also have quite a bit to take to the table from selling fish, pie, and art. Yay, Jesus. 

Our heat went out the other night when it dipped down to twenty-seven degrees. Our heat pump seems to shut off when it gets above 95 or below 32. I am not exactly sure why the gentleman who installed it thought it was a good idea. I am grateful for when it does work. Sunday morning, however, it was 47 degrees in my bedroom when I arose. My girls and I ate breakfast and got dressed in the bathroom. It didn't really bother me. I was grateful to have a warm space for them. We reset the heat (when the temperature rose) and bought some heated mattress pads. You simply must get one of these. They are amazing. My kids fall right asleep. I do as well.

We also don't have heat on our first floor. There is no HVAC unit down there at all. I refuse to cook at under 55 degrees. One year I burned my hand and didn't know it for hours because my hands were numb. I went "cookieless" to a cookie swap because I didn't think the glory of my cookies were worth the 29 degree temps of the kitchen. So, I took flowers and a tray I bought from the deli. My witty banter was a hit. I'm just making stuff up now. Here's to getting heat for our whole house. 
Blessed be the Lord.


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