Home Sweet Home, Y'all.

We drove out of here on May 15th and I waved to the old girl and told her I would be back to her restoration come September. We did come home long enough to wash clothes on occasion, but for the most part, we have been gone for four months. This can make a restoration project a bit challenging. We just have to trust the Lord for his timing and work like the dickens when we are home. Mostly, I work like the dickens because Denbigh is doing another retreat as I type this. He will be back in a few days. I like to compare myself to the wife in It's a Wonderful Life or like the reverse roles of the characters in The Notebook. 

To be direct, we could not possibly take on this project without your help. I am constantly in awe of how God's people show up and take care of a need here. It is hard for people to take on so much hospitality, but giving financial gifts to Gomer is a way for people to be involved. You get to serve people with the warm love of Jesus vicariously. You get to be the hands and feet as well. 

On top of these things, I have been painting and doing some photography so that we can pay for things that are needed around Gomer. Each morning, I jog 4 miles, read God's Word, homeschool, strip paint, and paint on canvas. I have generally done this all before noon. I try to take the afternoons to just play with and enjoy my family and neighbors. There are alot of people hurting here, friends. If you think about it, pray for the tiny dot of Fentress. May Jesus shine his beautiful light on us.

Our annual fundraiser is October 12th. We are doing a fish fry/ fish tacos. I cannot even tell you how much we would appreciate your support in what we are doing. We want to bring people into our home so that we can share the healing love of Christ. There will be live music and art for sale. My man is going to be baking up some pie. Get your orders in. Say a little prayer for us. It's a constant spiritual battle. Love y'all.

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