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On Tuesday, my man dedicated half the day to the dining room. He finished putting up the house wrap and then was able to get the sheets of foam up on the walls. Two of the walls already have sheet rock, but the two outside walls needed insulation and sheet rock. I am glad he had to cover that house wrap up. It would have driven me crazy to have all of that upside down around me. He didn't even notice which way it was going. As you can see below, it was covered with foam. I won't lose any sleep over the upside down words.
I am about half of the way done with the floor. My goal is to be done in a bout a week so it can cure before our open house. Are you coming? It's fish and fish tacos from 11-4 with live music and art. We have tea and water. Bring any other drinks you would like. There may even be some pie for sale.
Isn't the old girl pretty? For ninety-nine, she's still got it. She's getting it back, rather. I was thinking about how it is our job to evoke beauty from things as people in Christ. Working on this house has allowed me to process through many hard things. It has become easier to see how God painstakingly sloughs of the old and steadily reinvigorates  life into us. We are going to be really something when he's done with us, friends.

Don't forget to pray for me on Friday morning. I am driving to Brownwood to speak to MOPS about our identity in Christ. Here's to knowing who and Whose we are.
love y'all.


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