The Blood Sugar Solution

Out of the health and fitness books I have read, this has been one I got quite a bit out of. Most things make outlandish claims or take you down some treacherous paths. Of course, there are things that I don't totally agree with or that I am not sure about. The Dr tells the difference between soy and frankensoy, but I'm not totally sold on the idea of soy. The hormonal factor there scares me a bit.

Basically, this is a common sense lifestyle. Eat how people ate before they ate junk. Get rid of the junk. Fat doesn't make you fat. Cholesterol doesn't give you high cholesterol. There is even evidence that its good for you. With the complex chemical reactions in the human body, you can see how something wouldn't be able to go in and stay the same.

The problem most of us are facing, as outlined in the book is inflammation. This is caused by food that isn't really food. It should say "unsafe for consumption." Sugar is a huge problem. Refined white sugar wreaks havoc in the human body. It causes so many of the things we are trying to medicate today. You can get rid of the problem. This new onslaught of IBS being seen is caused by our addiction to sugar and fake sweeteners. Splenda is not your friend.

The thing that I came to understand through the dietician|nutritionist was about how our bodies sluggishly process bad carbs and sugars. If we send a deluge of not real food into our guts, guess what is going to happen. Rebellion. Inflammation. Sickness. The liver hordes excess sugar it can't process as fat. Then we suffer the repercussions of the added weight.

Dr. Hyman tells us to examine each of the foods we eat by taking them out and adding them in to see how we feel. Wheat is a big issue for a lot of people and they don't know it. It inflames the guts of people who do not suffer from celiac as well.Take it away and see if you might benefit from being grain free.

I'm no doctor, but the wisdom in this is good. Dump the junk. Find out what all is considered junk. Cut back on meat. Throw out the bad carbs.Find out what works for you. Feel alive.


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