Talk to me, Abba.

I was reading Tim Challies' review of Jesus Calling the other day and I am just not sure how I felt about it. He was basically calling this woman a misguided mystic. He went on and on about her capitalizing the word presence as though she was adding to the Bible by listening for the Lord. As I read through her devotional, almost everything I read brought a verse of scripture to my mind. I sometimes have a hard time reading his reviews because there is no grace. I guess people enjoy reading him because he is opinionated. I like him for the most part as well. His review of Ann Voskamp's book took me aback. He dwelled on certain words which I don't think she meant in the way he took them at all.

All of that to say, as I write this each week and dialogue with the Lord, He isn't telling me anything He hasn't told me before. His salve to our wounds and His hope to our grief are all catalogued in Scripture. I find that when I sit and journal, I feel Jesus sing these words of His word over me. The Holy Spirit will remind me of specific scripture I need right then and He will apply it to my sear or to heal. 

As you press on through your day today, remember that Christ loves you with a lavish love. He has already spoken to your every need. Listen.


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