Oliver Twist Radio Drama

I have been given the unique privilege to review Focus on the Family's new audio dramatization of the Charles Dickens classic, Oliver Twist. I love reading classic literature so hearing it come alive is a special treat. We truly enjoyed all of the characters and the masterful delivery of vocal performances. My five year old was hooked right away. She was continually asking me what would happen next. The performance was so rich that I felt as though I was in a grand theatre with my eyes closed. I also enjoyed the joyful nostalgia of simply listening to something in the way people sat around the radio to hear a program.

We are going to listen to this again in segments for homeschool and discuss it.

I encourage you to listen to this tale of an orphan boy who should have been defeated by his circumstances. Follow this boy with his great hope.

This resource was graciously provided by Tyndale House Publishers.


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