Bold As Love by Bob Roberts

I honestly had a hard time getting into this book. In the beginning, it talked about multi-faith worship and having to do things in groups with other faiths. I honestly don't get that. I tried to examine the benefits. I could see where it could help you be more comfortable with a different faith in a one on one setting. I can see how it could divide and how it could bridge a gap. In my mind, I was simply wondering why we couldn't just be normal. Why can't we just eat and drink with whoever is around us and love them. Bob addressed that about midway through the book.

My favorite part of the book started about page 86. Bob wrote about serving others because of the gift of Christ in us. He said we should not serve to make converts, but serve because we have been converted. It really touched on the way we attack people with our evangelism and throw money at the poor. We try to fix everyone, but few of us actually ever love anyone. We operate out of this religious superiority. What we need is to understand our faith and our doctrine so that we can simply explain it to others. Most of us have no idea what the core belief of our faith are.

He stated the idea that our primary objective should be to get to know people, serve where we can, and love unceasingly with the love of Jesus. Don't quibble about theology. Love first. Gracefully discuss second. Eventually, Bob won me over with his ideas about reaching our neighbors and knowing what we believe. The second half of this book is a great challenge and encouragement.


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