Gomer is Fried.

All of Denbigh's pies sold.

Hello Friends of Gomer, I am happy to report that our first annual fish fry was a success. I have been wanting to do this for some time and every year it slips by. This year, even though I just had a baby a few weeks ago, I decided that we were going to get started. I am a planner and I like everything to be quite organized, but that did not happen at all. I had kind of prayed that at least twenty people would show up. Things kept going wrong, but God took care of it all. At the end of the day, with all the people who came and the art and pies sold, we pulled in a thousand dollars to help Gomer. More than that, God did some special things for me that day.

I am constantly in awe of how people will come out and support this crazy adventure we are on to restore this house so we can  minister to others with it. It is humbling to say the least. I will admit to you that I teared up quite a bit throughout the day. I always find myself asking Jesus why He would let us do this. How gracious God is to use us to minister to others. How amazing that He can convince hearts to love and support us.

I am constantly amazed at the people who come by our house every week that just want to see inside of it. This day, we let the people in. One thing everyone responds to is the scripture that I have painted all over the walls. People will often tear up and tell me how they needed to hear that precise thing from God right then. This day was no exception. We were able to pray with several people who came in for a tour and ended up needing much more than that. How sweetly this ministered to me. It's one thing to see a house restored. It is a much better thing to be present when the Holy Spirit ministers to a heart.

Thank you to everyone who came out for the day and for the love and support that you offer us. Start planning to come next year. May God grow it each year. Mostly, may God fill your heart with the love of Christ and restore your life. Thank you for all you do.

"So they ate and drank before the LORD with great gladness on that day."
1 Chronicles 29:22

 My sweet friend Tina.

 The classic cars began showing up.
 We absolutely love people milling about in our yard and house.
 My gracious volunteers cooking the fish.
 Carla, Mayor Dave, and my man chatting it up.
 This small group of troublemakers were out of control.
 Our favorite handy man.
 We loved serving fish to dear people who help us do what we do. We are grateful.
I love this picture.
Mags. She's my hero.
 People were coming all day to tour the house.
I had a sweet time praying with many of our visitors.
 My dear Kristi.
 Sheth played an awesome game before he came.
 Man talk: where the testosterone abounds.
The impressive and heroic Justin!
 Sweet boys playing on our swing.
 Four monkeys.
 Mags. I thought I should get a shot of her leaving as well.
 He did not want me to take his picture eating fish.
 My man got me these gorgeous lilies.
 My friend, Susan, holding Chayah.
 Isn't she a doll.
 All the pie mysteriously vanished.
 This needs some scripture on it.
I absolutely love people hanging out on our porch. I think we need more chairs. There always seems to be more friends than seats.
Molly tried to run off with my baby.
 So did her husband. Get your own baby.
Don't you love this smile. 
 We needed the swinging door from the Kitchen to the Butler's Pantry taken out so we could finish the floor. The problem was that it was installed into the moulding and the threshold. Stephen and Andy took this as a challenge. They were mumbling something about c4, but they didn't blow it up in the end. They removed the door and smoothed the way for the cork to be finished and find it's way into the Butler's Pantry. 


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