A Child at the Movies.

I don't normally take my daughter to see Disney movies because I think the self-serving magic in them goes against what I am trying to teach her about the Holy Spirit. Since Winnie the Pooh is sans magic, we decided we could go see it. Who doesn't love Pooh. 

It was a cute movie about a misread note and a missing tail. Really, the movie is about nothing, but it is still cute. Due to the misread note, all of the animals in the Hundred Acre Woods are fearful of a monster. I think M. Night Shyamalan may have stolen the idea for The Village from the book this movie is based on. I loved that they stuck with the original style of animation. It was nostalgia at it's best. 

I love that what A. A. Milne patterned after the toys in his son's (Christopher Robin Milne) playroom in 1925 is still touching children's hearts today. 

The only question left is, which character in the movie are you?


Melissa said…
You know, as I sat watching this the other night I wondered that very thing- which one am I? I was not able to decide. I did decide I'd like to be Pooh.

I enjoyed the movie for the same reasons- it was very simple without all the 'stuff' in other children's movies today. I want more Pooh!
Rachelle said…
Yesterday, I was Eyore...but today I've decided to be Pooh..

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