Mi Tierra in San Antonio, Texas

Mi Tierra in San Antonio, Texas is one of the state's most eclectic places to dine. As you will see from my photos, they have decorated to the hilt. You could go here a multitude of times and never take it all in. What you can take in is the excellent food. At our table enchiladas, tamales, tacos, fajitas, and homemade tortillas did abound! Each of us were scraping our plates. Then we topped it all off with coconut covered fried ice cream in a crunchy shell. Excellent. The Mariachis are always fun as well. it's the most fun six dollars we have spent in a long time. 

They are open 24 hours a day and located blocks from the Riverwalk. ¡Muy bien!


Jennifer said…
Oh yes, that is a fun place to eat! We ate there when we honeymooned in San Antonio. Such lovely memories!! I miss GOOOD mexican food. OOOh homemade tortillas, enchiladas... fajitas... I do miss my home state... ::drool on the keyboard::
maggie may said…
how fun! my father-in-law loves that place, but we haven't been there in forever. glad you had a great time!
Tiffany B. said…
We love Mi Tierra! I've been going there for 16 years! So yummy.

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