Nelson's Complete Book of Bible Maps and Charts

Nelson's Complete Book of Bible Maps and Charts is an in-depth and comprehensive guide to the Bible. It gives an overview of each book of the Bible and additional historical information. There are many charts, maps, and timelines to aid in study. It includes:

New, full-color, high-resolution maps and charts.

Downloadable PDFs of maps and charts for presentations and classes.

† Tables, charts, and diagrams that organize Bible information for ease of learning and memorization.

† Historical articles providing insight into Bible times.

† Introductions to each book of the Bible.

I thought this study help was impressive. It not only gave a clear overview of each book of the Bible, it compared many things that the reader might not put together on their own. I enjoyed the Contrast of the Two Adams where they compared the temptation of Adam in the garden to the temptation of Christ in the desert. This book is much more than just a compilation of study helps. It is a faith builder.

As a teacher, I was excited about the high quality charts and graphs. All of the charts and graphs are available online for easy download on Thomas Nelson's website. If you are a teacher or a Bible student that loves to study, you will love this book.

Here is one of my favorite lines in the book: "The Abrahamic Covenant is unconditional, depending solely upon God who obligates Himself in grace to bring about what He has promised."

This book was provided for review by Thomas Nelson.


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