Top Ten Children's Books

I was asked for my top ten favorite children's books. Keep in mind, I have a two year old, but several of these books would be good for all ages. You won't believe this, but I am extremely picky about what our daughter reads. These books have been measured against the gospel and come up approved. I hope you find some great selections in here.


maggie may said…
thank you friend. exactly what i needed!
Steph Cherry said…
My pleasure, Love!
nicole's nickel said…
What I love about childrens books are how much more I glean about scripture, a different perspective and I love that it makes me check my Bible for truth, inspiring me to re0read and let the spirit teach. We have some of these, I want to get the noel piper one.
Steph Cherry said…
You gave us that Gigi book, Nicole. We love it. Laomai has memorized so much scripture with Gigi's help. The last book is my favorite because it talks about the Holy Spirit.

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