David Robinson Hall of Fame Speech

What an unusual thing to find on my blog, I know. Last night, Denbigh showed me David's speech on You Tube and I started tearing up. When I grow up, I want to be as classy and God glorifying as he is. Denbigh told me that Michael Jordan's speech was in such stark contrast to this one and it would make me sad to watch it. He was telling me that it is team tradition to give a retiring player a gift. While Michael's team mates did not give him a gift, David's team raised half a million dollars to benefit a charter school he started in San Antonio. What a rare and quiet tribute to a man who loves Jesus. May God bless you, David Robinson. I personally appreciate your example. May God heal and romance you, Michael Jordan.


Anne Smith said…
I have heard him preach at his church home, my brother's church in San Antonio, and he is so wonderful with the children there. They line up to talk to him after the service. A great role model and lover of Jesus!
susan said…
Thanks for posting this. I remember hearing David speak years ago, being classy enough to admit to having a radar detector, then realizing a believer shouldn't own something that helps him break the law. Truly a man who is a class act!!!
Emily said…
I might have cried a little too when he was talking to his family.
Emily said…
Oh, I wrote that too soon. He was still talking.

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