Forty Days of Kindness-Day One

Today was my first random act of kindness. The rule I made for myself is that these things would be covert. I will get no accolade, glory, or even thanks. The people receiving these things must not know I am doing them. 

It's day one and I am already having fun. I ordered about a hundred copies of the Gospel of John from Pocket Power. (These are cheap. You pay shipping). I intend to put them places over the next forty days. Today, after a party, I placed them on cars on the street where I was. I wrote a simple note in them telling people of God's great love for them. Leaving them, I prayed that God would do whatever He wanted with them and that He would be glorified. May it be. My friend, Christine, even got in on the action and took one to put on her neighbor's car. Inspiration and covert fun at 10:30 p.m. What could be more fun!? 

God's kindness leads us towards repentance. 
Romans 2:4 


Jennifer said…
awesomeness :)
praying God's awesomeness & love will be revealed to others through your random acts of kindness
Emily said…
Hello! I love this... Where have you been? I miss you.

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