Forty Days of Kindness- Day 15

Today I started a box. Some dear friends of ours have hearts for Honduras. Eric takes several trips out there a year to work and minister to the people. He is visiting again in July and has sent out a list of things he needs. I started a box and have begun looking around for the things I might have around my house (and things I might see out shopping). I have old cell phones and hair ribbons. If you would like to get in on this act of kindness, I am listing the needs below. They need to be turned in by June 1st. You can drop yours off here if you like.

God's kindness leads us repentance. Romans 2:4


We want to bring kids pairs of soccer shoes to the village of El Plan.  If you can get any soccer shoes donated or purchase them if you would like please do so this would be a great blessing.  We will take any size we can get.  All of the things listed below as well as all shoes and clothing will be needed.  If you have any solar equipment it would be very useful to the Hondurans because they have no power!  Here are a few more things that can be used and are needed.

12 volt RV lights

5-10 gallon gas cans

5-gallon buckets


Balls (volley, football, Nerf…)

Batteries (deep cycle rechargeable boat/car size)


Books in Spanish (bible stories) for kids

Cement mixer


Chop saw

Circular saw


Clothes for kids and adults (adults no bigger than large in shirts and no tall stuff. They are small people)

Control chargers for solar equipment

Crow bars

Extension cords (25-100 foot. Does not need to be heavy duty) 

First aid kits

Flash lights and portable lights

Floor squeegee


Generators (diesel preferred but will take gas no problem)


Hair brushes

Hair things for girls

Hammer drills



Horse Tack (saddles, bits, bridles, halters…)

Horse tanks 100 gal Rubbermaid (new are $75, plastic)

Horse troff float and float valves

Horse Vitamins (de-wormer…) 

Kid’s soccer uniforms

Levels (big and small)


Makita grinder with wet/dry blade

Medicine for allergies and pain

Metal fills to sharpen machetes

Mule packs and packing nets


Note books for kids

Old cell phones

Pick axes

Plastic chairs

Polly pipe 1” roles as long as you can get and fittings. (These come in like 25-300 foot roles)

Power inverters  


Reading glasses

Regular batteries all sizes


School supplies

Sealant for the floor

Shoes for kids

Shop broom


Soccer balls

Soccer Balls (any ball will do but real good ones will last)

Soccer nets

Solar panels

Spanish bibles

Spanish Bibles (study bibles)


Thompson reference Spanish bibles



Toothpaste-tooth brushes


Tubs for water

Vitamins for children and adults

Water purifiers (small or large)

Wind generators

Zip ties (all sizes)


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