Update on Gomer

(part of the butler's pantry!)

We are often asked about the name Gomer's House and if we know that Gomer was a prostitute. I think the beauty of Hosea and Gomer's story is in how far away she went as well as in how far he went to get her. In today's time she would be the equivalent of a woman who left her husband to become a crack whore in a cult and ended up involved in human trafficking. Hosea paid the price for her freedom. Sound familiar? In an incredible act of love God had chosen her redeemer long before she fell into the trap of the enemy. Long before she was broken and needy, God had chosen a man to bring her healing. Christ has done that for us today and continues to do so moment to moment. We want to be people's Hosea . . . the hands, feet, mouth of Christ to the hurting...no matter what the need is. Simple burn out to adultery, addiction, or loss. We want to bring you back to the thing God has called you to do. I often think of what Gomer must have been like in the end when Hosea brought her home and for years loved her. I think she must have been the most beautiful thing to behold because she is a picture of what God will make restored Israel into. 
Gomer. Israel. You. Chosen. Set apart. Beloved.


I am going to include an extra post each week on the blog so that you can watch Gomer's story unfold. This week we had two days of people coming to clean. You can only imagine the dust that is in a house that hasn't been lived in in 15 years. We now have running water and thanks to my wonderful husband, a toilet that works. He changed out all of the parts. He even had to hacksaw something. Amazing. My guitar toting hubby is now a plumber!


Tiffany Atwood said…
BEAUTIFUL!!! I'm really proud of Denbigh, too - that was not an easy job, I'm sure!! :)

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