Is It Beneficial?

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I went Christmas shopping in what some call the belt buckle of the Bible belt. Denbigh and I flitted from store to store wishing people a bubbly "merry Christmas!" It was never returned to us. As I was checking out of a Christian mega-store, I wished the cashier a "merry Christmas." Not only did she not return it, she looked at me like she was going to cry. She was stressed. How did we get here? Sure, we all wear our "keep Christ in Christmas" logos, but it has not taken over our hearts. We have replaced the heart of Christ with business. We sit around gossiping about people we say are our friends. We write letters to all our friends bragging about what our kids are doing. Christmas is about JESUS. What is HE doing? I'd really like to get a Christmas letter that says that God is working pride out of a broken heart or how obedience to Christ over comfort has blessed someone. Repeatedly over the holiday I kept thinking about what is beneficial.
I just felt inundated with horrible television, unwholesome talk, angry cart pushers, and non-nutritious food...and a big fat helping of too busy! Sure, all things are acceptable, but not all things are beneficial. I decided that my slogan on 2009 is going to be, "Is it beneficial?" Before I say yes to another thing I am going to ask if it is truly a blessing to those around me or if I am trying to add another chalk mark to my board. I made a mental list of the things God has given me to do in 2009. My goal is not to add any religious trappings to this list. Do the things He tells you to.
Is what you watch, read, talk about beneficial? Do you want your daily life to be acceptable or will this be the year of your personal breakthrough? Will this be the year you lay down the self-indulgent things that keep you from the fullness God has for you? 
Are your words beneficial?

“Like a coating of glaze over earthenware are fervent lips with an evil heart” 
(Prov. 26:23).

• Do I speak kindly to another while harboring hatred or bitterness in my heart? 
• Do I praise another to his face while criticizing him behind his back?

This is your year. The year of your heart change. The year of walking away from mediocrity into full blown fruitfulness. This is His year. May you not be yourself come this time next year.        

 May God pour out His Spirit on you.


michele jacoby said…
thank you so much for sharing your heart and speaking this truth. i really needed to hear it. or read it, as it were. =) i actually had a dream about you and your fam last night... praying for you all this new year...
michele jacoby =)

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