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The clouds have looked like buttery chiffon to me quite a bit lately. The other evening on my drive into Austin, I watched God throw a fancy dress party in the heavens. 

It inspired me to throw a fancy dress party right here on my blog. 

Go ahead and cancel your cable. We have brought you a little Food Network, a little History Channel, a hint of TBN . . . and today I offer you a touch of the Travel Channel. Prepare yourself to be excited beyond words.

Last week, at Shiloh, I was allowed to present a word to my sisters in Christ. It came to me as I was studying about Isaiah. 

The prophet Isaiah was allowed to do some amazing things in his life. He prayed and hundreds of thousands of blood thirsty Assyrians died outside Jerusalem in the night. He told Hezekiah that the shadow of the sun would move backward and he would live 15 years longer. Those things happened. He had such a close relationship with God that when Yahweh determined that it was time for the people to hear about the Christ, He looked at Isaiah and said, "You can tell them." Isaiah was entrusted with the most beautiful task on earth.           What glory!
His story doesn't stop there. Historians tell of more. Manasseh, Hezekiah's son, decided Isaiah was a conspirator because he kept talking about someone (Jesus) coming to sit on the throne of David (his throne!). He thought Isaiah put a curse on his father because he pronounced the day he would die. At the ripe age of ninety years old,  Isaiah was taken out and Manasseh had him slowly sawed in half. The remarkable part is that the historians record that Isaiah was at peace during this time as though it were not happening to him. People looked on him and saw Yahweh.

How close he must have been to God to trust Him in death. He had perfect peace. 

My challenge is to come home to your calling. Come home to the place God called you into. Come home to the intimate fellowship that God created you for. Know God. We are meant to know God in the way that is says in the Bible that "they knew one another and then had a child."
We as women are meant to know God in such an intimate way that we birth things. It is what we were made to do. What is keeping you from that?
Come home to your calling.

What painful situation are you resisting that God wants to use in your life to bring healing and use to glorify Himself?


 My beautiful husband and I celebrated 5 years of marriage on Saturday. I will tell the story of our crazy anniversary antics next week. I just wanted to celebrate him today. He is terribly interesting. 
Once, after playing at a tiny church in Fairy, TX, they put an article about him in the Baptist Standard. The article said "The Denbigh" had played at the church to a packed house. I laughed. I bet the editor thought surely that couldn't be his name. It must be the name of his band . . . except he was alone. It stuck! 

I celebrate The Denbigh today! Going along with this, every where we go people always tell me how amazing it must be to be married to my husband and how lucky I am. We both find this really funny. So, be jealous, world. I am so lucky to celebrate five years of marriage to The Denbigh. 
Eat your heart out. :O)

-------------------Hill Country Reporter-------------------
In 1877, a little town outside of Giddings, TX became known as Dime Box for it's unique box in the city. You could leave mail and a dime in a wooden box to get mail delivered to Giddings. They are the only town known to have unanimous participation in the March of Dimes. They kicked off the March of Dimes fundraising drive in 1945 along with New York City. I decided to veer off the path on my journey home to Austin the other day. Here is your personal tour of Dime Box, TX

I got a new 12.2 megapixel Canon Digital Rebel XSi. Watch out world. 
I am coming to take your photo and I'm going to put it "on the line." 

This week, you can comment or email for a chance to 
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Unknown said…
I love your photos! Did you sketch the woman?

Will you be annoucing the fabulous winners of your great give aways?

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