Wedding Gowns and Emily

This week I present to you my dear friend Emily trying on gowns. Tell us which gown is your favorite. Here is one more to pick from:                                                                                                 

 Next week there will be a thrilling article on warfare.


Kyna said…
I believe the gown that I like is the 11th picture on your blog (ones of little miss sweet thing included) and the first on your mac gallery. But I must ask who is the lucky young man?

Tiffany Atwood said…
Emily! You will look stunning in any of these!!!

My faves are Dress One, Two, Four & Six (from the Mac gallery).

This is so fun! And I look forward to next week's serious article. :o) Although, selecting a wedding dress is serious business so I guess this would count as a serious entry as well. ha-ha


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