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Where do I start? People keep asking me what Gomer's House is, where the idea came from, and if I knew what Gomer was. Gomer, in case you don't know, left her godly family to pursue a career as a cultic prostitute. Her husband, Hosea, went after her and bought her back. She was up on the auction block as a slave. He chose to bring her back, clean her up and restore her to her place in the home. Gomer represents God's people. We always choose things opposed to the Lord's plan for us. We buy the shiny lie. We buy it in addiction, affairs, control, and complete lack of faith in who God created us to be. 

Our heart is to give clear direction and a lifeline to Christ to every "Gomer" God brings our way. 

I have always wanted a Bed and Breakfast. If you have ever stayed at our house, you know that is true. We love having people over. I thought that did not fit into our ministerial life and that it would never happen. A few years ago God put the vision in our head when He orchestrated something for us. Every year for the past three years we have been taken to Colorado by a ministry. Current Elijah flies us to Colorado, pays for everything we do there, prays over us, and loves on us. We are always dry by the time we go and refreshed by the time we leave. God has put in our hearts to do the same thing. Our hope
is to offer anyone in ministry a no cost retreat to rest and revive. Counseling will also be available to anyone who needs it. That's part one.

Part two is about restoration. Over the years I have seen most of my family ravaged by addiction. It has not just been that I have watched my family die far too young. I watched them not truly live. Our ministry is opening it's doors to offer the healing love of Christ to those in need of counseling. 

A few weeks ago while I was traveling with Denbigh I saw someone who I loved more than any of the other people we ran into. He was a man who did not drive, but had a bike. I would guess his age was somewhere around my own. He was different. He wasn't anything like your average church goer. He told of how his mother never loved him. The church he had been attending a few weeks prior ran him off with taunts and jeers as he would come in. I am not kidding. Every day I would tell him how glad I 
was that he was there and I would touch his arm. He would cringe. My guess is that he was beaten by his mother and has never recovered. He went to church and no one wanted him. Maybe they didn't hit him, but they abused him. We want to give people like this man a safe
place to worship...a place to find healing. Abused, addicted, discouraged...you have a safe place 
to come.

There is a house in Buda we are praying for. It would be the perfect place for this ministry. If you are interested in supporting us, helping us, or praying for us, please contact me.

We are part of a CDP that controls all donations. We don't draw big salaries from our ministry. In fact, we don't draw any at all. I give back everything I make speaking and from book sales. One hundred percent goes back into investing into the lives of others. Help us give back a tiny portion of what God has given us. Kindness.

God always amazes me. I was looking at this Amaryllis in our yard the other day and I noticed flakes of gold all throughout the flower. I don't know if you can see it, but I thought I would attempt to share. Have a wonderful week!


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Happy Birthday, my sweet sister!


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