Where is Veribest, Texas?

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I was honored to spend last week with one of our top three favorite preachers, 
Robert Barge 
(the others Voddie Baucham and Neil McClendon). We spent our week at 
The Veribest Baptist Church with people who truly love the Lord. It was a privilege to serve them. I was overwhelmed by the love and godliness of the family 
there. Amazing.

As I sat listening to Robert speak about evaluating our lives, I remembered a 
conversation I had with a friend recently. It was about what people watch on television. We had been listening to people talk about watching some raunchy shows on television like it was no big deal. 
The person I was with was truly surprised that these women watch these shows. I took something away from that. People are
 watching you and what you do with your spare 
time when you are a Christian. People expect you to model godliness all of the time, especially in what you choose to do with your leisure time. Young Christians are looking for a way to act. They are looking at you to show them.

I don't watch tv. We don't even have one in our living room. So I can't really critique anything. The one that always stood out to me was one I heard a preacher talk about. Friends. Would you watching a show that glorifies one night stands, pre-marital sex, and porn please God?

Friends Review What about Seinfeld? I read once that there were almost 1,000 hook ups on that show. I went on to Parentstv.org and reviewed their take on the television line up. On a typical Sunday night there was only one show on prime time tv they felt was suitable for a family to watch. Extreme Home Makeover.

You show what you worship with your time and your schedule.
What are you showing to others? 

My friend Emily.
On a personal note, our daughter turned ONE this week. 
Happy first birthday, Laomai!


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