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I have a funny and compulsive habit of repeatedly watching the same movie during different seasons of my life. Sometimes it is The Great Outdoors, Pride and Prejudice, or anything Audrey Hepburn. Right now, it's Elizabethtown. In the movie, a husband and father dies and it leads these people to find "life" for themselves. In the beginning of the movie three of the family members are in the airport and one of them remarks," I was still waiting for it to get started . . . and now . . . it's over." Later on in the movie there is a scene where the son of the deceased man is in a hotel room on a floor with an enormous wedding party. The groom stumbles upon him and finds out he is there for his dad's funeral. In super dramatic fashion he exclaims," Death and life. Life and death...right next door to eachother." That happened to us last week. On the day we buried my brother, Denbigh's brother's wife gave birth to a baby girl. Here is Millie Cherry. Check out her hair!
Here is Lulu and Grandpa Mike Cherry who was visiting from North Carolina.
I just thought my husband looked handsome.
Lulu and Daddy.
As God always does, He saw fit to blast me with some humor this past week. I tried to get some of it on film. Has anyone seen Bringing Down the House with Steve Martin and Queen Latifah? In the movie an old, rich white woman starts singing her favorite "negro spirituals" to Queen Latifah's character. As I was helping my mom move some things last week I stumbled on a few things some people had given her over the years. They made me laugh.

I wore this "color chunking cap" all night like I was a bomber pilot. 
This guy came to hook up my dad's tv. I wish I had a video for you to see. 
He talked like a character in a movie. I loved him.
Here's a deeper question. In Matthew 18 it talks about discipline of a believer. I keep having this come up in life situation and in study. I have a question for you. I understand that if you have a believer who has been confronted in their sin (and remains unrepentant) that sometimes the most merciful thing you can do is to break fellowship (so that they see the loss that sin brings). When is that point for us? When will we have enough gossip, slander, blatant attack? What if it is a dear friend, a member of your church, or a member of your family? Why do we consider it a greater love to condone and enable sin than to confront it? What do you think?

How did Shiloh go, ladies? 


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