A Call To the Genuine

This is my sixth year in Bible Study Fellowship. That seems impossible to me. I once couldn't get through a 4 week study. Here I am...hooked on knowing more about Him. This year we are studying Matthew. This past week I realized something. I have known what the name Mary meant for some time, but I have never applied it to the mother of Christ. Mary means bitter. This culture named their children with purpose. Many people even changed their name to Mary after bitter circumstances had engulfed them. I sat there looking at this and I thought that it was so like God to take Bitter and let it birth Redemption.

Please keep us in your prayers. This has been the year of severe attack. The enemy keeps trying to take all of our resources. I just keep remembering that you cannot outgive God. He is so faithful. He has far more than we could ever need. Also we have a retreat coming up in 2 weeks. Please be in prayer for what God will birth that Saturday. We still have a few seats available for anyone who would like to attend.

This week my husband was sick and he would not stay away from me. Now I am sick. I hate sick. I used my sick time to do what all people do with it. I rearranged the furniture. Perhaps you heard Denbigh with elevated voice saying,"Stephanie Cherry!!!!! What do you think you are doing!!!" I also watched 12 minutes of The Bachelor. This is a big deal. We don't even have a t.v. in the livingroom. We are anti-t.v. I found myself staring at this Austinite who seemed almost nice...then the Chrisitian girl who says she is high up on her morals is doing body shots and getting naked. I turned it off. Well, that was my 12 minutes of t.v. for 2007. I'll go back to living real life and enjoying my family. Why can't they ever show Christians on television that are not hypocrites? Or ones that have a personality?


Tiffany Atwood said…
Amen, sister! Over the past few months, it has become quite difficult to enjoy any television show because of how Christians are portrayed. God has answered one of my many prayers - I asked and received a passionate love of His Word and as that desire has increased, my tolerance for any blaspheme against my Jesus and His Body has been obliterated. Praise Him!

I pray you feel better soon.


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