No, I Won't Sell You My Baby

Last week Denbigh's guitar was accidentally knocked over on stage. That led us to have it repaired at
Ray Henning's Heart of Texas Music. Who waits on us, but ol' Ray Henning himself. There he is. A legend in his own right. He sold Stevie Ray Vaughn his famous guitar. He befriended Willie and Waylon. He's old now and can't hear well, but he's still a fireball. He offered me 5 Martin guitars for Laomai. His wife was in the background laughing. That would be about $15,000 in guitars, but rest assured, I didn't take them. I still have my daughter. The whole thing made me think of people in the
Middle East buying women in exchange for camels.

My friend Anne was reading the society column in The Statesman the other day and noticed all these names in bold. She said they were bolded as if we should know who they are. She didn't know. So, she started doing it on her blog. It made me giggle and I dearly love to laugh. So, I shall also do it on mine.
Anne Smith makes me laugh.

I find myself looking at some people's blogs and they are an unending chain of theory, interpretation, commentary on the Bible. That's wonderful and all, but I find myself bored to death. I just want to leave comments like, "But who are you?" "What is God doing in your life?" What is God doing in your life?!!!?! Are we like the priests and scribes in Matthew 2 that wouldn't even go 10 miles to see the Messiah? Who is God to you?? Is this head knowledge to you or is yours an experiential faith?

I was discussing some phraseology with my husband,
Denbigh Cherry, the other day. Why do people say, "I don't want to overspiritualize it?" If God is truly sovreign, He must be in control of everything. I think He allows lots of things we try to underspiritualize. Another one that bugs me is "It's easier to act your way into a feeling than feel your way into an action."
Um, obedience doesn't require emotion. Quit whining.

This weekend we are putting on a Women's event in the Kyle/Buda area. We are showing Beth Moore's Loving Well series and having free brunch. We are also having some fabulous Women lead worship for us. Janet Sanders, Marla Rice, Marj Oaks, & my dear friend Tiffany Atwood. We are also starting a monthly women's Night of Worship called Shiloh. Shiloh is another name for the Messiah.
It means tranquility and to whom it belongs.

The scepter shall not depart from Judah,
Nor the ruler's staff from between his feet,
Until Shiloh comes,
And to him shall be the obedience of the peoples.

Genesis 49:10

Do you ever notice that when you pray for someone that you feel closer to them? A friend and I have a local business owner that we pray for. We both talk about him like he's a dear friend and comment when we think he's doing things we deem inappropriate. It makes us laugh because he doesn't know us from any other customer..yet there we are lurking, praying, & drinking a fine brew. That's it. I don't want to underspiritualize it. God has obviously sent this guy two kooky intercessors.
He must be destined for greatness!!

Monday night we went to a seminar in San Antonio by the people who wrote To Train Up A Child. Michael and Debi Pearl are Mennonites. They have child training techniques that are completely against what the world teaches and we love it! They also have a strong Pentecostal following. When we arrive, there are scads of women in skirts, no make-up, and scarves on their heads. I tell Denbigh I want to go home. He says, "Now Stephi, if these women love Jesus they won't care that you have jeans on." I laugh and tell him that when I walk in they are all going to start shouting "Hallelujah! Another hooker come to Jesus!"
There were some other people there with pants on.


Anne Smith said…
you make me laugh, stephanie cherry
visit me at said…
Ha!!!! That's my website! ;-) You totally just outed us.
Unknown said…
Hey! Are you talking about my blog?! :-)
A man once offered my grandfather 5 camels for me. We were in Turkey. The conversation was held in spanish.
Melissa said…
Speaking of which, I need to get myself some Chai latte mix while I'm in town!

You kooky girl!
Tiffany Atwood said…
I absolutely LOVED reading this today! I love to laugh too and your entry today definitely had me laughing!!! Can't wait to see you, girl! said…
Em, I am totally talking about your blog. You are so theoretical in your relationship with Christ. That's why you packed up and moved cross country to do what God told you to. !!!!

I think I have told you before, but you are worth far more than 5 camels.

from one kooky woman to another, I know you would do it with us if you were here!

thought of you last night. We watched Pride and Prejudice.

love to you you notice that you each moved away from me!!!!!!!!!!!

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