Y’all. Read Get Out of Your Head by Jennie Allen

I feel like I walked this journey right along with Jennie. The enemy loves to pound the inside of my head until I can’t think straight anymore. I wasn’t sure that this was going to be a book I could enjoy. I wonder every time I pick up a Christian book if it is going to be full of nice Christian words or if it is going to tell me how to trust Jesus to fight back hell for me. I much prefer to be trained for warfare.  This book did not disappoint. I don’t want to cause any spoilers, but Jennie was up to her eyeballs in demonic oppression and could not see it. Her rescue came in the form of community and the book of Philippians. Read it. This is a book for all of us who hear those negative voices in our heads. There is a plan in place for our deliverance and redemption. 

She quotes one of my top ten favorite books quite a bit. Humility by Andrew Murray. I fell in love with it about 14 years ago. I can still tell you where I was when I read the forward. It was deeply convicting to me. You might want to grab a copy of that as well.

Growing up I was surrounded by plenty of negative voices. They tore at my soul and held me captive though you would never know it by looking at me. Some of them are still speaking hate over me. Even when I wasn’t with those people, those voices were on repeat in my head. For most of my life, I assumed my own inner voice was a jerk because the words were in first person. Then I learned that the enemy does that. He will eat you up and spit you out and make you think you did it. He’s the classic narcissist. The thing I have dealt with is learning to take those thoughts captive instead of being held captive. As I was reading this, I realized I could also take that voice captive. My role here is to bag the thing and run it as fast as I can to the feet of Jesus. If you take the time to document the voices of people and the words in your own head, you’ll see a common theme. That theme comes from one abuser. It changes every relationship we have. We no longer have to overreact. We don’t have to cower in shame. We have a choice to play offense here. We can fill our hearts and minds with words of life. Jennie’s book is a guided help to us all.

When we bought our mission house, I felt like the words coming at me were so powerful that they resembled death threats. I felt like I was walking through a dark underpass alone chasing God’s hand and guidance. Then I realized I wasn’t chasing Him and those were not my thoughts. May this word bring you  freedom.

Thanks to Waterbrook Publishing for graciously giving me a copy of this book to review.


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