How To Be A Nice Human

Heart of Texas Pregnancy Resource Center
 Sometimes, social media can feel like a swamp of opinions. I'm sure we have all been rubbed the wrong way by someone else's post on the world wide web. We all have feelings about what we see and hear. It's hard to look at the news and not be enraged. We want healing for our nation and land. We want to be free from the tyranny of sin. Sometimes our thoughts are good, but our methods are wrong.  I would like to take this opportunity to encourage you to be a nice human.

My heart aches under the number of babies aborted each year. I'm not trying to trigger anyone. I am simply telling you that it grieves me. It also grieves me to see the shame we unknowingly give off in the church that keeps people away. There are people who desperately want healing out there that are afraid to come inside our churches. 

Your voice is powerful. 
Your words are powerful. 
Use them well.

When you post your thoughts and opinions about abortion, be kind. Be the person that draws people to Christ. Remind people that we are all equally unworthy of the love of God, but he gives us worth when we come to him. He heals us and renews us and takes away our shame. One of the enemy's greatest weapons is isolation. Don't help him with it by making people feel unwelcome. Be kind. Listen to people with your whole heart. So many people are terrified and making choices out of fear. Giving them a listening ear is healing. It contradicts the message that they are unwelcome. 

Pray for those who are out there ministering to women of all walks of life. 


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