Hope of Nations is Power Packed

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
John's words in Hope of Nations resound with much of what Christian culture is feeling these days. We know that we are living in a Post-Truth society full of anger towards Christianity. Some of it is warranted because people claiming to be Christian committed terrible atrocities against other human beings. Some of it is because people reject God and turn to the lustful inclinations of the flesh. What we see in this book is the history of how nations that had been blessed by God spiraled down and became evil nations. You can see the histories of Hitler, Stalin, etc. took the reigns and how they turned and entire people to commit terrible atrocities by slowly corrupting their ideas.

Honestly. the first half of the book feels like a punch in the gut. You can easily see how society is turning against us and seemingly wants to punish us. John explains that we are going to have to find new ways to sustain ourselves and our institutions. The enemy is at the gate.

The second half of the book is greatly encouraging. It spells out all of ways we can respond to what history teaches us might happen. We must cling to truth. We must know truth. We are going to need to be creative and support each other in every way possible. We can diligently search scripture for answers. God has given us a strategy: "Live good lives among pagans." Dignify people. Be an ambassador to foreign tribes. Listen. Love your neighbor.

I highly recommend it. This book was graciously given by Zondervan Publishers for review.

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