Faithful Finance by Emily G. Stroud

Many of us feel overwhelmed and ill-equipped to deal with our personal finances. We wonder if we will ever experience financial freedom. We want to make wise decisions and spend money on what matters, but we just don’t know how.

Financial advisor Emily G. Stroud is a mom, businesswoman, and entrepreneur. She has two decades of experience with helping people make smart choices about money. She knows that money can be one of the great causes of stress in life—but that it doesn’t have to be that way. Finances, in fact, can be a great source of joy, security, and hope.

In Faithful Finance, Emily comes alongside you to:

Develop a savings plan based on your unique goals
Make a monthly budget that actually works for you
Reduce your overall debt burden
Plan for your children’s college years
Insure your life without fear
Leave a legacy through estate planning
Encourage you to give generously
And most importantly, discover the source of true wealth
Presented in a conversational style, this practical guide offers ten life-changing secrets that work in every financial situation, for every income level, at every stage of life. With engaging stories and practical examples, Emily empowers you to make choices that will allow you and your loved ones to enjoy financial freedom for years to come.

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Faithful Finance: 10 Secrets to Move from Fearful Insecurity to Confident Control

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

For a book on finance, it’s really well written. It seems like the author is sitting across the table from you having an informed chat. She covered all the bases. I learned many things and was even encouraged in my faith. If you are buying a home, looking to invest, pay for college, or make a budget, this is a great book.

This book was graciously provided for review by Zondervan Publishers.

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