The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

A few months ago I picked up a copy of the 25th Anniversary edition of Paulo Coelho's famous book The Alchemist. Perhaps you know his book was pretty much a failure and then all of a sudden it took off like gangbusters. It is on quite a few lists of books you must read in your lifetime. Critics consistently herald it as life-changing. It's a simple and yet complex story of a man trying to find his personal legend and make his way in this life. 

I enjoyed just reading the story and following  our hero on his journey. I can completely see why self-help gurus would love this book. It's really about finding your own way and conspiring with the universe to follow your legend or destiny. The great parts are watching our hero overcome seemingly impossible odds to find himself and the love of his life. It's a interesting story.

There were confusing portions to me, however. I couldn't always tell what he was trying to say. Of course, story is meant to be that way. There is an abundance of relying on omens and intermingling of faith as though all gods are the same. It was still thought provoking. Most things are, just as long as you don't worship them. 

Have you read it?


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