One Red Bird

 Somehow my artwork has been purchased and shipped all over the world. In that I have been given an opportunity that I know was God-given. People continually purchase things from me to send to others who are going through a hard time. I cannot even tell you the countless times this has happened. I realize that I am walking on holy ground in this. The reason that I love it is because first and foremost, I love to pray. I'm not talking about big, lofty prayer...just facedown in the quiet saying, "Oh, Abba, I know this is hurting you. Bring your healing for your glory. Let them know that you see them." Inside my paintings, I generally include a note to that end. I pray and paint and pray and write. I know God hears me. Usually I keep the stories to myself and simply cherish them in my heart, but I wanted to share this one with you. May you be encouraged that God sees you in your distress.

I think most people love red birds. The cardinal is a gorgeous picture that brightens the landscape. I am sure that many of you are like me and love the cardinal in winter. The dull winter landscape and leafless trees somehow set the stage for the beauty of the red bird. There is just something about it. I painted a picture like that for my friend Sally. 

A short time later, I received a message from a friend in Virginia who wanted to send a painting to a friend of his who had just received a breast cancer diagnosis. I asked for a picture of her so I could kind of get an idea of her and what she might like. Also, I could see who I was praying for. My friend in Virginia sent me her Facebook page. As I opened it up, I was a bit stunned. There at the top of her page was a photograph of a red bird on a winter landscape...the painting I had just finished for Sally. The thing that really hit me about this is the fact that Sally is a breast cancer survivor. I had hope for this woman's full healing. I asked Sally to pray for this other woman. Sally also asked the ladies in her church to pray. On Tuesday our new friend in Virginia went in for her surgery. I had this woman's Facebook and I felt pressed upon to send her a message. I told her about Sally and the gaggle of ladies in Texas that heard Christ's call to pray for her. I shared with her the hope God had put into my heart. When I saw it all, it seemed like a bright red Cardinal on a bleak winter day. 


CBOG Season 2 said…
Stephanie, this is one of my favorite worship songs....thank you for posting this. <3

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