Bats In the Belfry: A Gomer's House Original

I cannot believe that I am telling this story, but it is part of our journey here. Most of the drafts and holes that were drilled to insulate this old joint have been covered with dry wall. There were, however three of these holes still visible on our second floor. Each hole is about 3 inches in diameter and stuffed full with insulation. One of those holes somehow lost its insulating factor and was just wide open to the third floor and the outside. You can see what is coming.

One day I look up to see Denbigh wildly waving his hands at me to speak privately in the other room. I can't say that he has ever done this before so I was marginally panicked. He proceeded to tell me that there was a bat hanging on the wall in our upstairs dining room. Yes, y'all, a bat.

Of course, I started shouting to call the mounted police as I quickly ushered my girls to another room. Denbigh called our beloved neighbor Fritz to help capture the bat. In no time these guys had captured our new friend (in my tupperware) and released it back into the wild. If you could have only heard these men go on about the manliness and bat catching prowess over supper. It was quite humorous. 

Immediately, I asked Alan if he could come cover our bat cave with dry wall. On Monday, he did. Thank you, Alan! You're awesome. You wear cool shirts.

When I was in elementary, I must have watched The Great Outdoors a few hundred times. I think I broke the VHS I recorded it on from watching it so much. Our bat fiasco reminded me of a classic scene from the movie.


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