I read Dirty Faith by David Z. Nowell

I'll just tell you that I wasn't excited to read this book. I was expecting it to be another pep talk about doing more awesome things for God. That is not what I found at all. It was a hard book to read because of the extreme content. I was forced to think line by line about the things impacting people who do not live in the quaint life we are generally accustomed to here in America. We feel that we have plenty to complain about, but this wake up call for us, for the church will smack you with some real perspective. 

The book is written by a man who runs an orphanage in Brazil. The true stories that he tells left me very often holding my breath. It is very hard to wrap my mind around a culture that prostitutes eight year old girls. The girls often think nothing of it because it is a natural part of growing up there. Sometimes they have it done to them and sometimes they choose it themselves. I cannot even begin to recount for you the depths of what I read. You simply must read it for yourself. Challenge your church to give beyond the norm to rescue those beloved of God who are being ritually abused. 

Read this book and see a people's brave response to youth prisons and children who steal and prostitute themselves. What if it were the adorable children at our church or in our neighborhood? What can we do? We can do something. 

Shake off your casual pity and ask God to give you a heart for the orphan, the captor, the parent who would traffic a child. Cry out to Jesus for them all. Give all you can.


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