Help. Thanks. Wow. by Anne Lamont

Recently, while perusing books with my girls in Target, I grabbed Anne Lamont's newest book. I simply love her literary voice. She has a style of writing that makes me want to curl up and drink coffee with Jesus. It's a restful tone.

Now, before I go any further, I must tell you that Anne is no where near your usual Christian author. She has view points on things that make my skin crawl. Sometimes, she refers to God as "she" and many other things that most would balk at. I look past that to her searching and her story. 

You can tell that Anne has a deep yearning for Christ and is learning to rest in reconciliation. Her simple approach is profound. Say a simple prayer exactly as you mean it. When things are painful and dark and words seem so superfluous, ask for help. Thank him for what he has done. Then stand in awe.

 There are lines to take away from this.


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