Talk to me, Abba.

Last week, I came home to a fallen tree. It seems silly to say, but I grieved that tree. I got angry at Jesus.  I sat there in a swing in that tree every day and talk to the Lord. My kids ran and played right where the huge limb fell. It is about twelve foot in diameter. The limb was 45 foot long. 

I laid down on my face and opened my hands and let it go. Surely God must have a plan for removing this place where I met him for a daily date. Then, I realized that this massive limb came down and my swing was still hanging there. No one in my family was hurt or even around when it happened. The lightning hit it just so that it fell perfectly. If it had fallen any other way, it would have leveled our house . Branches were touching Gomer on two sides. Nothing was hurt. 

I stared into the place that the lightning hit and was crushed and humbled by the power that brought down that tree with a single swipe. A God that powerful and precise must be up to something. He owns all the cattle on a thousand hills and all the limbs in my yard. He is clearing the way for something beautiful. He opened a door for friends to come help. I know they are friends I needed to talk to and friends that needed to talk to me. God is still good and we are still going on dates because He allowed me to release to Him what was already His.

There comes a time to set the therapy aside and go on to live your life. Perhaps instead of yearning to find our root problems, we should simply sing with the psalmist.

Bless the Lord O, my soul.


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