If That Don't Beat All.

Last week, we went to camp for 3 days to lead worship for Lutheran South Academy. While we were there, I had the sweet opportunity to do a photo shoot for Stephen and Christiana's adoption site. Say a little prayer for these love birds and their journey to adopt children. If you are interested in helping them, let me know. I will forward you their info. 
We took the long way home from our worship leading rendezvous and I snapped this photograph at Big Daddy's ranch. I wrote about this verse on Talk to me, Abba this week. You can purchase this print in my Etsy store and support Gomer's House. https://www.etsy.com/listing/130971116/wild-grass
Yaya, Lulu, Christiana and I spent about 2 hours tromping around finding dandelions to blow out into the world. It was such a delight. This is one of those memories from childhood that evokes joy. I hope my girls remember these special moments. The ministry of motherhood is beautiful.
You know, I think the main purpose in what we do isn't about a house at all, it is about people. It is something I have to tell myself every day. I would like to be done with this thing already, but it's constant need of work reminds me of my own need for the gospel. I think God just uses this place as a vehicle to get people here so that we can love on them for Him. Welcome to the construction zone, folks. God is here. Enjoy Him.

For a short twenty-four hour period last week, I was able to see my family for my birthday. It was such grace to my heart. Things aren't always the way we would have them be when we are growing up, but God can issue the grace for us to redeem those things in our adulthood. Though there was pain, abuse, and discord in the past, Jesus can give it life. I received a very special and personal gift from a member of my family that showed me that God had more than healed a relationship. He has given meaning and love that was never there before. Bless the Lord. If you want to see the gift, you'll have to stop by.

I had not had much encouragement growing up. No one really seemed to show much interest in what I was doing. Then, a few years ago, one of my parents gave me a beautiful art kit. I cried over that wooden box. I cried, not only because someone had taken an interest in me, but because God had granted enough healing to that person to do such a thing. He used me to bring about that healing. All of my own desires were constantly crucified and God left me with a heart of love and compassion. That love was returned to me. This is what is important. God is restoring us. He is molding us in the image of Christ and beautifying the world around us.
With all of that said, our countertop guy is coming. He will probably be here while you are reading this.  Could you just lose your mind with the fabulousness of this day! Do me a favor. If you are at home, in your car, wherever, turn up the worship music and thank Jesus with us. He has saw fit to give us a desire of our heart. Thank you, Abba.
From my dad's back door.
This room needs a remodel. SOS, people. Send help.
This is my table top today. Blessings to you all.


Anonymous said…
Wonderful experiences. I esp like this statement: "I think the main purpose in what we do isn't about a house at all, it is about people."

Steph Cherry said…
Thank you, Warren. Blessings to you.
Rachelle said…
beautiful post stephanie. Love you guys and I believe in what you are doing. You are the one person who taught me that it doesn't matter how much we have, what matter's is how much we are willing to share. Your blog and posts have taught me hospitality and the importance of using what we have been given to give God glory. Thank you friend.
Love, Rachelle
Steph Cherry said…
Thank you, sweet friend. You greatly encourage my heart. Love and blessings to you.

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