Pie. Pie. Me, oh My..

Hello, friends of Gomer, we are over halfway to our goal of finishing the first half of our fence project. Can you believe it? When Denbigh came home with his initial four pieces of fence, I teased him and told him to have a bake sale to raise the rest of the money. Can you believe that he has gone from needing to sell 300 pies to needing to sell 94? Sometimes, I am just completely overwhelmed that God lets us do fun things to raise money to give hope to those we come into contact with. I have spent most of every day shelling pecans and coming up with recipes. Would you like to help us meet our goal? All you have to do is buy and eat pie. Thank you for all of your support. God is gracious to provide and knit our hearts together. Thank you again.

Here are two sets of buttons. One is for shipping and one is for pick up or delivery. We can deliver from San Marcos to Waco on Wednesday the 21st. If you have a special order or certain number of pies you would like, email me and I will send you a personal invoice.

For pick up only

For shipping to home


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