Tender Times of Hard Work

We were fortunate to have 20 people work here at the respite and spend the night with us last night. As you can imagine, I am tired today. As long as I can remember, I have wanted to serve lots of people in my home. Of course, it was always more glamorous in my mind. It wasn't deep in the throes or remodel. There is a part of me that doesn't want this phase to end though. I will be sad when the workers and the volunteers are not coming anymore. I will be sad when the work is done. I will miss them. There is just something special about people who love to serve behind the scenes in the least elegant of ways. I love the people who come to do the hard, monotonous work. I love the people who are willing to be filthy. Thank you, beautiful people. I cherish our time together. I think you are an amazing display of the servanthood of Christ.


maggie may said…
this makes me want to show up to your house with a pair of work gloves and boots, and do whatever is necessary. i really wish we could sit and chat (and then work hard) because you are a breath of fresh air.

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