As we learn to love from Hosea's example of Christ, we must examine how we treat others. How do you treat the people in your life that have hurt you? Do you speak about them with sarcasm, anger, or disdain? Are you capable to communicate hurt without ridiculing others? What if that person divorced you or your best friend turned on you? Your parent abused you? Our response is to be the same. Healing words that try to heal the wound of the other person rather than nurse the wound we received. That's what it means to count others as greater than yourself. We must tend to their wound and allow Christ to heal ours . . . even when they don't want our help. Pray fervently. When we are angry and bitter, we show the world a Christ who does not forgive sin or yearn to heal. We show them a Christ that refused to be crucified.
That Christ is of use to no one.


i needed this.

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